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Southeast BBQ Championship

KCBS Certified Judges

The Southeast BBQ Championship recognizes that maintaining an ample pool of high-quality judges is a crucial component of producing a successful BBQ competition. The SBC is much more than a points race for cooks teams, we are committed to growing opportunities for everyone involved in our sport. We began with a judge advocate position on our Board of Directors, and we listened! You told us about the issues that are important to CBJs: better communication from organizers, more opportunities to participate, and help to find a team to cook with for Master certification.

When you join the Southeast BBQ Championship, you become part of the effort to grow and improve our community outreach through competitive BBQ in our states. Together, what we can accomplish is only limited by the imagination and energy of our members, so become part of our family today and help us take the SBC to the next level!

KCBS Judge Membership Cost:

$15 annually

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