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Southeast BBQ Championship

Pro Team Application

SBC membership will be required for cook teams to be eligible to win Southeast BBQ Championship cash prizes and trophies.​

When you become a member of the SBC, you are actively supporting outreach in communities through competition BBQ.  This means much more than the opportunity for additional prize money, it also means:​

  • Enabling the SBC to donate to important charities operating in our states
  • Encouraging organizers to host contests and become SBC qualifying events
  • Exclusive to SBC Member only events and resources
  • Sharing of knowledge and resources of SBC members and non-members alike.​

Membership period is annual and renews automatically on Jan 1st unless canceled or you choose annual billing in your profile after registration.  To be eligible for all contests cooked your registration or renewal must be received by December 31st of the calendar year.  Members who register after December 31st will only receive credit for those contests on or after the date of purchase.

Pro Team Membership Cost:

$50 annually

Member Information

Team Information

Please put N/A if you don't have a team name.